Must have home sewing tools for experts

By | April 16, 2017

If you enjoy sewing, you should first make sure that you are acquainted with the right pick of sewing tools. Having a great machine and an adjustable dress form is not everything unless you also have the tools to make your sewing projects easier and more fun. Here are the basic tools that should be at arm’s length, when you sit down for your sewing sessions.

1. A good iron
You can never achieve those smooth finishes unless you have a good iron at hand. Depending on your scale of production and budget, you can choose from a number of irons. For normal domestic purposes, you can get hold of a lightweight automatic turn off iron.
2. Fabric shears
As a sewist, you should make sure that you get clean cuts without damaging the fabric. This can be achieved by investing in a pair of good quality fabric shears with sharp cutting edges. Select the one with a comfortable handle which can smoothly cut through multiple layers of fabric.
3. Measuring tape
Measuring tape is a must in the list of sewing tools. For convenient storage and longevity, you can get a retractable measuring tape. These come in cute colors and are very easy to use.
4. Cutting mat
There should be a separate cutting space for fabrics. To make sure that you are not damaging your flooring or countertops, get a large cutting map, where you can easily spread out large pieces of fabric and achieve clean cuts. After use, these can be easily rolled up and packed away. A 36 by 72-inch cutting mat should suffice domestic needs.
5. Rotary cutting
Holding up the fabric and using shears is not very convenient especially when you are cutting out long straight lines. Using a rotary cutter can help you attain clean and sharp edges without any hassle. These are very much like the pizza cutters, only a little smaller in circumference and much lighter.
6. Seam gauge
You need a more efficient tool especially when you are dealing with tricky areas such as hems and pleats. A seam gauge will allow you to press seams and pleats with much efficiency and ease. You can also get hold of a sliding seam gauge for more versatility.
7. Seam ripper
Seam ripper can help do away with a lot of trouble while ripping the seams. If you are a regular sewist, it is a good idea to invest in a handy seam ripper that is fitted with rubber on the opposite end to whisk away the cut fabric.
8. Pincushion
When you are looking to create something worthwhile, you should make sure that you look into the tiniest details. A magnetic pin cushion can efficiently store the pins, while you keep it at an arm’s length while engaging in your projects. These are one of the must-have sewing equipment for houses with kids and pets.
9. Thread snips
Of all the home sewing tools, thread snips are the most inexpensive and frequently used. These will make your task a lot easier and hassle free.